Full Papers and agenda are now both available.

New This Year

This year, the two long standing ISMB SIGs, Bio-Ontologies and BioLINK will hold a single joint two-day workshop. The meeting will consist of sessions that focus on the intersection of bio-ontologies and text mining, as well as individual sessions on the use of ontologies in the life sciences and on biomedical text mining.

There is a natural synergy between much of the work presented at the two SIGs: both fields are cross disciplinary in nature; both exist against a large backdrop of computer science literature; and, finally, both are relatively new to the life sciences. More recently, there has been a more direct technological link between the two; ontologists are using text-mining techiques to test, check and build ontologies, while the knowledge in ontologies is being used to augment and improve text-mining techniques.

BioLINK and Bio-Ontologies have previously held joint activities; the organisers of these SIGs felt that this year we would take this further, giving an excellent opportunity to further explore work crossing the boundaries, while still supporting the needs of their respective communities.

The Joint BioLINK and 9th Bio-Ontologies Meeting