9:00 9:10 Introduction  
9:10 9:30 Can Literature Analysis Reveal Similarities among Cellular Processes? M. Chagoyen, P. Carmona-Saez, C. Gil, J.M. Carazo, A. Pascual-Montano
9:30 9:50 The Design of a Wiki-based Curation System for the Ontology of Functions R. Hoehndorf, K. Prüfer, J. Kelso
9:50 10:10 Distributed Representations of Bio-Ontologies for Semantic Web Services C.A. Joslyn, D.D.G. Gessler, S.E. Schmidt, K.M. Verspoor
10:10 10:30 SpindleViz: A Three Dimensional, Order Theoretical Visualization Environment for the Gene Ontology C.A. Joslyn, S.M. Mniszewski, S.A. Smith, P.M. Weber
10:30 11:00 Coffee Break  
11:00 12:00 Invited Speaker Suzanna Lewis
12:00 13:00 Lunch  
13:00 13:20 Exploring the Construction and Applications of a Protein Description Corpus M. Krallinger, R. Malik, A. Valencia
13:20 13:40 Improving Biomedical Corpus Annotation Guidelines Z. Lu, M. Bada, P.V. Ogren, K.B. Cohen, L. Hunter
13:40 14:00 IeXML: Towards a Framework for Interoperability of Text Processing Modules to Improve Annotation of Semantic Types in Biomedical Text D. Rebholz-Schuhmann, H. Kirsch, G. Nenadic
14:00 14:20 Automatically Adapting an NLP Core Engine to the Biology Domain E. Buyko, J. Wermter, M. Poprat, U. Hahn
14:20 14:30 10 Minutes Break  
14:30 15:30 Invited Speaker Udo Hahn
15:30 16:00 Coffee Break  
16:00 16:20 Improving Biomedical Text Categorisation with NLP M. Matthews
16:20 16:40 Use of Text Mining for Protein Structure Prediction and Functional Annotation in Lack of Sequence Homology A. Rechtsteiner, J. Luinstra, C.E..M. Strauss
16:40 16:50 Short Poster Advertisements  
16:50 17:50 Discussion  
17:50 18:30 Poster Session