Phillip Lord

Phillip Lord is a lecturer at the School of Computing Science at the University of Newcastle. Originally gaining his doctorate in molecular biology and genetics, he has subsequently moved into biomedical informatics. He has been responsible for the development of several ontological driven applications and conducted research into similiarity measures over the Gene Ontology. Prior to moving to Newcastle in 2005, he worked at University of Manchester, working on service discovery in bioinformatics as part of the myGrid project.

Robert Stevens

Robert Stevens is a bioinformatics lecturer in the BioHealth Informatics Group. He has a BSc in biochemistry; an MSc in Biological Computation; and a DPhil in Computer Science: a blend of biology and computer science that he uses within his main research area: the use of ontologies and the reconciliation of semantic heterogeneity within bioinformatics resources. He is particularly interested in the communal building of ontologies — enabling domain experts to use the power of formal, expressive languages, such as the Web Ontology Language (OWL).

Robin MacEntire

Robin MacEntire works as Director of Knowledge-Based Systems at GlaxoSmithKline, leading projects that use ontologies, software agents and text mining systems. He works in the Informatics and Knowledge Management (IKM) Department.

Robin has over 25 years exprience in computer science and a broad backgroud which includes the design and development of advanced AI systems as well as the design and delivery of complex information integration systems. Since joining GSK in 1998, Robin has been one of the leaders in bringing advanced technologies into the GSK environment, developing intellgent agent and ontology based components for integration work in support of GSK's research scientists.

Robin has also served on advisory boards for a number of academic projects including myGrid, CLEF and WonderWeb and is an active collaborator on the EU-funded GOAT project.

Jim Butler

Jim Butler works as a knowledge engineer for projects in the Informatics and Knowledge Management Department, within GlaxoSmithKline. Jim started his collegiate career in chemistry, and then moved onto biochemistry for his PhD, finally completing postdoctoral work in molecular biology and genetics. This cross-disciplinary has proven ideal in his role at GSK, which requires him to facilitate the communication between scientists and software engineers during the development process.

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