Here is the programme for this years workshop.

Papers and posters are referenced by their submitting authors, listed in the order they were submitted.

Monica Chagoyen Can literature analysis reveal similarities among cellular processes? (details) (paper)
Robert Hoehndorf The design of a wiki-based curation system for the Ontology of Functions (details) (paper)
Joachim Wermter Automatically Adapting an NLP Core Engine to the Biology Domain (details) (paper)
Michael Matthews Improving Biomedical Text Categorisation with NLP (details) (paper)
Dietrich Rebholz-Schuhmann IeXML: towards a framework for interoperability of text processing modules to improve annotation of semantic types in biomedical text (details) (paper)
Zhiyong Lu Improving Biomedical Corpus Annotation Guidelines (details) (paper)
Cliff Joslyn Distributed Representations of Bio-Ontologies for Semantic Web Services (details) (paper)
Cliff Joslyn Presentation Title: SpindleViz: A Three Dimensional, Order Theoretical Visualization Environment for the Gene Ontology (details) (paper)
Andreas Rechtsteiner Use of Text Mining for Protein Structure Prediction and Functional Annotation in Lack of Sequence Homology (details) (paper)
Martin Krallinger Exploring the construction and applications of a protein description corpus (details) (paper)


Kay Pruefer FUNC: detecting significant groups of annotations in an ontology (details)
Trish Whetzel Status of the Functional Genomics Investigation Ontology (FuGO) (details)
Yasunori Yamamoto A Question Answering system in biomedical domain (details)
Hagit Shatkay Integrating Image Data into Biomedical Text Categorization (details)
Alexander Morgan Announcing the Second BioCreAtIvE (Critical Assessment of Information Extraction systems in Biology) Challenge Evaluation, 2006-2007 (details)
Dan Jacobson DigraBase: A Graph-theoretic Framework for Semantic Integration of Biological Data (details)