Welcome to the Bio-Ontologies SIG Page

Date: 20th July, 2007

The 10th Bio-Ontologies meeting has now concluded; many thanks to the panelists, paper and poster presenters.

The Programme is now available. Full poster and paper details to follow.

The long-standing ISMB Bio-Ontologies SIG is in its tenth consecutive year. This year the workshop will have a celebratory and reflective discussion on "Bio-Ontologies: ten years past and looking to the future".

Bio-Ontologies provides an opportunity for the discussion and dissemination of research using ontologies applied to biology. We provide a forum for cutting-edge and important work, often a year before more formal publication.

A subset of the papers will be further published in BMC Bioinformatics. Authors will be invited to resubmit full papers.

At the sixth ISMB in Montreal 1998, there was an introductory tutorial and accompanying one day workshop. This year we will hold the tenth of the annual bio-ontology meetings associated with ISMB. We now see ontology development and use as a mainstream activity in bioinformatics. There is a national centre for biomedical ontologies in the US and we regularly see research papers on ontology and the use of ontology within many bioinformatics articles.

In this, the tenth annual bio-ontlogies meeting, we take the opportunity to review the past ten years and look forward to the next ten years. We have invited the people who organised the first annual meeting and associated tutorial to form a panel for this meeting:

We will ask these originators of the meetings to reflect on the past decade and to look forward to the next ten years. Five minute position statements will be followed by an hour of questions from the floor.