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Authors Title
David Hancock, Tim Booth, Norman Morrison, Giles Velarde and Dawn Field Terminizer: A Web-based tool for the automated detection of ontological terms in unstructured, free-text annotation
Andreas Schlicker, Thomas Lengauer and Mario Albrecht Prioritizing Disease Genes based on Functional Similarity
Philippe Rocca-Serra, Marco Brandizi,Eamonn Maguire, Nataliya Sklyar, Chris Taylor, Manon Delahaye, Richard Evans and Susanna-Assunta Sansone Standards and infrastructure for experimental metadata
Sirarat Sarntivijai, Yongqun He, Matthias Kretzler and Brian Athey Ontology Integration: From annotations to translation
Usha Mahadevan, Arathi Raghunath, Bharat Bhat and Jignesh Bhate Ontology on Adverse Events
Dagmar Kohn, Christian Knupfer and Nicolas Le Novere Beyond Structure: KiSAO and TEDDY - Two Ontologies Addressing Pragmatical and Dynamical Aspects of Computational Models in Systems Biology
Tony Burdett, Robert Davey and Matthew Pocock Runcible: Integrating ontologies using a rule-based mapping engine
Patricia L. Whetzel, Nigam H. Shah, Natalya F. Noy, Benjamin Dai, Michael Dorf, Nicholas Griffith, Clement Jonquet, Cherie Youn, Adrien Coulet, Chris Callendar, Daniel L. Rubin, Barry Smith, Margaret-Anne Storey, Christopher G. Chute and Mark A. Musen BioPortal: Ontologies and Integrated Data Resources at the Click of a Mouse
Simon Twigger, Joey Geiger and Jennifer Smith 1.5 Billion data points trapped in international data repository - daring rescue underway!
Stefan Schulz, Holger Stenzhorn, Daniel Schober, Martin Boeker, Elena Beisswanger and Udo Hahn Mapping of BioTop to Upper Ontologies
Usha Mahadevan, Arathi Raghunath, Bharat Bhat and Jignesh Bhate Cell line ontology in Protege OWL
Catia Pesquita, Delphine Pessoa, Daniel Faria and Francisco Couto Collaborative Evaluation of GO-based Similarity Measures
Fahri Kocabas, Tolga Can and Nazife Baykal A Microarray Format Standardization Effort: Meaningful Structures