This year's keynote speaker will by Barend Mons.

This year's panel will be


The full programme booklet is now available.

List of Accepted Papers.

Robert Hoehndorf, Janet Kelso and Heinrich Herre. Contributions to the formal ontology of functions and dispositions: An application of non-monotonic reasoning
Phillip Lord. An evolutionary approach to function
Colin Batchelor. Event semantics with predicates from bio-ontologies
David Shotton. CiTO, the Citation Typing Ontology, and its use for annotation of reference lists and visualization of citation networks
Allyson Lister, Phillip Lord, Matthew Pocock and Anil Wipat. Annotation of SBML Models Through Rule-Based Semantic Integration
Eleni Mikroyannidi, Alan Rector and Robert Stevens. Abstracting and Generalising the Foundational Model Anatomy (FMA) Ontology
Clement Jonquet, Nigam Shah and Mark Musen. Prototyping a Biomedical Ontology Recommender Service
Larisa Soldatova and the OBI Consortium OBI. Modeling biomedical experimental processes with OBI
Daniel Faria, Catia Pesquita, Francisco Couto and Andre Falcao. GOclasses: molecular function as viewed by proteins
Jason A. Greenbaum, Randi Vita, Laura Zarebski, Hussein Emami, Alessandro Sette, Alan Ruttenberg and Bjoern Peters. Representing the Immune Epitope Database in OWL
Michel Dumontier, Jose Cruz-Toledo, Marc Parisien and Francois Major. RKB: A Semantic Web Knowledge Base for RNA
Michel Dumontier and Leonid Chepelev. Increasingly accurate biochemical knowledge representation with precise, structure-based chemical identifiers
A. Patrice Seyed. BFO/DOLCE Primitive Relation Comparison
Matthias Samwald and Holger Stenzhorn. Simple, ontology-based representation of biomedical statements through fine-granular entity tagging and new web standards